About Me

Hi, I'm Sharyn and am the Director of Peace of Oz.

My mission is to create and sell both beautiful and practical artworks using Resin, paint and other mediums. My work is created in the South West of Western Australia, incorporating a piece of Australia in each creation I have for sale in my online store.

I love creating beautiful art and use this as part of my strategy to stay mentally well. Living with the Bipolar Type 1condition is often challenging and I find spending time learning and exploring creativity helps me live a productive and fulfilling life.

Over the last few months I have put off launching my business due to depression and a huge amount of self doubt.  I am determined to keep moving forward, this is my therapy and obsession and I really do love creating something that wasn't there before while pushing boundaries in my art.

I hope you enjoy browsing my website, I have certainly enjoyed creating it.